Message from Benjamin Fulford

The global geopolitical storm intensifies as the disintegration of the ancient “New World Order” accelerates

The world is heading for an unprecedented period of global geopolitical turbulence as the clock ticks on the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate. The signs include: the resignation of most of the real powers in the Obama administration, the dispatch of a large Council on Foreign Relations brown-nosing squad to China, the removal of Queen Elizabeth’s control over her own finances, a power struggle in China, North Korea and Japan, mass riots in Europe, regime change in Brazil, etc. There also now conflicting signs as to whether or not the Amero will go ahead as planned with some sources saying they only have 12% of the gold they need to back it while other sources say “it is a done deal.” All in all, this is going to be an interesting week as we wait to see how the Feds hope to get past the September 30th fiscal year end.

The situation is most turbulent in the United States and the signs of imminent regime change there are impossible to ignore. First of all there has been the announcement of mass resignations from the Obama cabinet, like rats deserting a sinking ship. Among the many who have announced they are leaving are: Chief of Staff and top US Mossad Agent Rahm Emmanuel, National Security Adviser James Jones, Chief Economic Adiser (and architect of the current financial disaster) Lawrence Summers and Senior Adviser David Axelrod. Another sign of chaos is the statement by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker that the “financial system is broken,” and the fact that this statement was quoted by the New York Times propaganda outlet.

We also have the spectacle of Chinese Premier Wen Jiaobao being wooed and flattered and promised the world by the Council on Foreign Relations in New York even as other CFR heavyweights like Zbigniew (easier to kill a million than control a million) Brzezinski fly to China on last minute brown-nosing missions.

Senior CIA sources continue to say the Federal Reserve Board is history and that the Pentagon, probably under Defense Secretary Robert Gates, will form an interim government.

However, one senior source connected to the BIS and the banksters says all of this is posturing in preparation for a major banker power grab aimed at reducing the world’s currencies to a centrally controlled 10. These would be the Euro, the Amero, the Ruble, the Indian Rupi, the Yen, the Chinese Yuan, a South American currency, an African currency, an ASEAN and Australian currency and a Middle Eastern currency.

There are signs the Amero is imminent, including the building of a wall separating Mexico and South America (on the Guatemalan border) and the recent efforts to achieve parity between the US, Mexican and Canadian currencies.

However, a source in the gold owning faction of the Rothschild family says the Amero plan is not working because the Feds have only been able to get 12% of the gold they need to back the Amero as a replacement for the US dollar. “They have been taking whatever gold they can get and leveraging it hundreds of times before putting it on their books,” the source says. The result is a huge loss of trust.

The Euro is also looking shaky again. The Euro suffers from its inability to correct for economic imbalances in the Euro-zone. The Mediterranean and Baltic states, as well as Ireland need to devaluate their currencies by 30% in order to remain competitive against the Germans and the Nordic states. What the speculators are doing these days is lending money to deadbeats like the Greeks knowing that even though they can never personally pay the money back, their rich German uncle will step in. The Rothschild source predicts the Euro will not last past March or Perhaps June of next year.

In the meantime, riots are scheduled throughout Europe this week in a sign the masses are waking up and getting fed up with bankster nonsense.

The power struggle in North East Asia is also heating up. The meeting this week in North Korea is a battle between China and the Americans over Asia. The Americans have been selling themselves as a force that will protect Asia, including Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan etc. against Chinese domination. The military establishments of these countries have had long friendly and extensive contact with their counter-parties in the Pentagon and these friendly relations are expected to continue even after the Federal Reserve Board goes bankrupt. Nonetheless, the Federal Reserve Board stooges in Japan and Korea will be ousted according to multiple sources in the Japanese and Korean secret governments.

In China there are also reports of a behind the scenes power struggle. One sign of this is that new sources have approached us with important “news” about China. One source says Premier Wen Jiaobao’s son got money from the Carlyle hedge fund and that Wen is a George Bush Senior puppet. Whatever the truth of that (we simply cannot fully confirm), Wen was clearly put on prominent display at the CFR last week. Then another source (working for Rupert Murdoch) tells us that Chinese President Hu Jintao is a member of the Sokka Gakkai Buddhist cult. Since that is controlled by North Korean agent Son Tae Chuck (Japanese name Daisaku Ikeda) that would make Hu an Illuminati agent. However, I am suspicious of both of these sources and think they may simply be trying to feed me information that will enrage the Chinese and make them lose confidence in my information.

The battle for control of North Korea is also set to reach a climax this week with the US and their South Korean puppets battling against the Chinese and their North Korean allies for control of that Federal Reserve Board rogue state.

South America, meanwhile, continues to separate itself from Fed control with the imminent election of a former Female guerrilla as president.

The fact that only 27 European countries, Australia and Costa Rica walked out of Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s speech accusing the US government of orchestrating 911 shows just how small a rump of countries the banksters now fully control. It is interesting to note the Japanese representative did not walk out. I once handed a book about 911 truth to now Prime Minister Kan and he said to me “yes I know but what do you expect me to be able to do about it?” He could start by forcing the Japanese media to tell the truth.

Many people in the US secret establishment have decided to wait for the $1 trillion lawsuit against the OITC, the UN and Davos etc. to go ahead so that the Western satanic cabal may be removed by legal and open means. These lawsuits and court cases will go ahead despite the intimidation and suspicious death of lawyers and other involved. The legal procedures are grinding forward slowly but surely and all the I’s are being dotted and T’s crossed to make sure the lawsuit and criminal charges will stand up in court.


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