Message from Benjamin Fulford


The Bilderbergers have failed and are now trying to activate plan B

The participants at the just ended Bilderberger meeting in Spain are scared they are going to be identified and eventually hunted down, according to an inside source at the meeting. For now Clinton, Bush, Baker and the other Bilderberg Nazi’s are trying to cut a deal with China that will allow them access to large amounts of funds which they plan to hide and use to re-assert their power after the current political storm blows over, the source says. Unfortunately for them, this is one storm that is not going to blow over to and allow them to resume their plans for world fascist dictatorship.

Meanwhile, the White Dragon society is in discussions with the Black Dragon Society, the Red and Green, the Chinese government, the three legged crow and MJ12 about setting up a new meritocratic organization to take control of the US dollar away from the Federal Reserve Board. Plans are well underway and many technical issues have now been solved. Gold to back the currency has been tested and refined by China. There is more going on than that but for now we are being asked to keep quiet in order to prevent sabotage.

The Old World Order Nazis do not plan to retire quietly and are planning assassinations and other forms of mayhem. Although we have no direct evidence, based on their past behavior, it is likely they are behind a new disease which has started spreading in China.

They also almost certainly were behind the brutal murders on board the Turkish ship that was trying to bring aid to the Gaza strip. The Turkish government has purged the Satanists from their military, media and political world and as a result Turkey is no longer an ally of Israel. However, the Turkish government is not going to let themselves be provoked into starting World War 3. Instead, they are consulting with Russia, China and other powers about how to purge the Satanists still in control of the United States and Israel.

That purge is already beginning. The analysis of how the Federal Reserve Board and stole most of the US people’s assets and corporations has been completed in secret. While the initial audit of the Federal Reserve Board is only supposed to go back 2 years, that will expose enough to ensure that people demand an audit going back to 1917. This will reveal the network of related families that stole the American’s wealth and left most of them impoverished.

Meanwhile, the Euro is still headed towards disintegration and no amount of promises of fiat money to be financed by stealing from the European people over the coming hundreds of years is going to help.

The mass awakening of the peoples of Europe and North America is a genie that is not going to be put back into the bottle. The situation has now reached the point where assassinations, bribes and propaganda are not going to be able to work their old magic.

A Shinto high priestess contacted the White Dragon Society and explained there was an ancient link between Shinto and the people who wrote the first chapters of the bible. She says that according to thousands of year old Jewish documents held by some shrines there was split over the use of a certain kind of powerful incantation.

She says the people in the Middle East engaged in a ritual to “invoke the black snake.” If you do this, you get great power because every time you see a weakness in others, you exploit it to your own benefit. The problem with the black snake (Satan) is that while it gives you power, over time it leaves you isolated and friendless. This is exactly what is now happening to the ancient cabal that has been secretly ruling the West.

The Shinto side prefers to invoke the white snake and the golden snake. The white snake will give you great protection but not much in the way of wealth or power. The white snake in its present form is the world wide network of martial arts societies and morally upright military establishments.

The golden snake invocation will give you great wealth and a flourishing family but only if you follow proper ethical rules. If you get greedy, lustful, cruel etc. the power of the golden snake will wane, she says.

A new meritocratic organization is being set up to make sure humanity can stay on the path of the golden snake.

In Japan, meanwhile, Naoto Kan has been named Prime Minister. His government will implode unless Kan is able to announce a jubilee. For now, Kan is talking within the old financial parameters. He talks of raising taxes to help the country deal with its deficit. That deficit is already over 200% of GDP if you add up central and regional government debt along with government guaranteed private sector loans.

Raising taxes will slow down the economy and thus lead to lower tax revenues. So, if Kan does not wake up, he will put Japan into a death spiral.

The real answer lies in a debt moratorium. Much of the Japanese debt is owed to financial institutions that are in turn owned by people like Stephan de Rothschild and David Rockefeller. These people would rather leave the Japanese people indebted for centuries that have to write off their Japanese government bond holdings.

In any case, we are headed for very dangerous times as the end game approaches. The White Dragon Society has been asked by the Pentagon not to take any action for now because “something big is about to happen.” It may well be the American people and thus the people of the world will have something real to celebrate on this upcoming July 4th independence day.

However, as usual we caution that it isn’t over until it is over. People need to stay alert and make contingency plans for any eventuality.


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